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Top Tyre Safety Tips for Your Car

Tyre safety is an important feature for a vehicle owner. It is a vital aspect too. If a tyre is not in good condition or has any defect(s) in them, there is every possibility that it could lead to disastrous consequences in the form of a road accident. Hence, ultimate care should be taken for the safety of the tyre of one’s vehicle. Our partners at Tire further mention the top tyres Dubai safety tips. 

Park in the Shade

The weather conditions are harsh in Dubai. Hence, try to park your vehicle in the shade for the maximum amount of time. Alternatively, it would be suitable to park it in underground parking whenever possible. One should make it a habit to take a quick walkabout around the vehicle to have a glance at the tyres before starting to drive. This can help in detecting the possibility of a tyre burst which is a common occurrence in the hot weather of Dubai.

Regular Maintenance

The maintenance of the tyres of a vehicle should be a regular feature in the vehicle owner’s calendar. This will ensure safety during the use of the vehicle. It should be noted that the air level in the tyres should be checked regularly and maintained to the prescribed amount as less air in the tyres will result in greater friction with the road while driving. This will increase the heat in the tyre and cause it to deteriorate. Get the wheel alignment done on a regular basis too as if not proper, it will be difficult to drive the vehicle properly. The tyre pressure should also be conducted preferably every three to four weeks. 

Avoid Excessive Speeding

Remember not to over speed the vehicle as it leads to unnecessary heat on the tyres which can become excessive at times and lead to tyre burst. The other reason that one should not speed excessively is that doing so wears out the tyres. Additionally, avoid damage to the tyres by driving on surfaces that have rocks and pointed objects as such objects will adversely affect the tyres.

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Visual Inspection

A periodic visual inspection of the tyres will be helpful. It will result in determining the visible wear and tear and other areas of concern if any like cuts or cracks on them. Other aspects like rim damage, abrasion, etc., if noticed should be immediately be addressed to a professional. 

Replacement of Tyres

Depending on your vehicle and the usage of the vehicle, you will need to consult your mechanic on when to change the tyres. Ideally, all the tyres of a vehicle should be changed to new ones at one given time but it can vary depending on various factors. This ensures greater safety on the road. Remember to check the spare tyre’s functionality and usage condition from time to time. This is necessary as it can experience wear and tear without usage, and one needs a spare one like Maxxis tires that is useful when needed.