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Steps to choose the best quantity surveyor for your project

Quantity Surveyor DubaiDo you have a construction project in Dubai and looking for the right quantity surveyor Dubai for the execution of the project? Are you searching for the best surveyor for your building project or looking for an expert advice from a surveyor’s point of view? Find out how to select the right quantity surveyor here.

Select a surveyor who can inspect the property

There are some quantity surveyors who do a bad job when it comes to inspecting the project at hand. Some of them make use of untrained people just to save cost. Inspection of the work is very important because it will help the quantity surveyor properly analyze the important aspects of the project. Select a professional that will be physically on ground to inspect and examine the property. This shows their level of commitment to the project.

Choose an experienced professional

There are tons of quantity surveyors who may be lobbying to work on your project. But not all of them are experienced enough to deliver exactly what is required for the project. When it comes to quantity surveying, experience certainly counts a lot. Find out how long they have been in business and if they have successfully handled similar projects as yours. If you can find a professional with specific experience on your type of project, it’s even better.

D&A ConsultSelect a quantity surveyor who is clear when presenting depreciation schedules

One thing about completing a project is not only about the current impact of the project. There should be room to make provisions for future adjustments. That’s the job of a high quality quantity surveyor who knows their job. When choosing a professional surveyor, settle for the one who can provide complete depreciation schedule.

Select a quantity surveyor who is aware of the tax laws and other state rules

When buying of building a property, it can be easy to get entangled into one tax issue of the other. You may not understand all the requirements and processes. This may lead to unnecessary expenses in the future. When you are selecting a quantity surveyor, look beyond their immediate expertise on the construction site. Find out how they can help with advice on other requirements from tax agencies and other government requirements.


Selecting the most ideal quantity surveyor may be a tricky task, especially if you’re just starting a new project. You need to find the right professional that can deliver the right results for your project. Some of them may have experience in specific areas of the industry. It will be a disaster to engage this type of surveyor on projects they are not familiar with. And of cost, many of them may not open up to you to tell you where they are most conversant with. So, what do you do? The only thing you can do is to carry out enough research and interview different surveyors. Use certain criteria to trim down your options. The above tips shall guide you when selecting the most ideal quantity surveyor for your project.