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Security providing companies in Baghdad

The main aim of a security company in Baghdad is to create a peaceful environment in the country and to serve their clients with the best ever services. They are capable to provide numerous security solutions to their clients whether it is business related security issues, medical emergencies, government or non-government security solutions, personal security, construction security etc. they provide a high level of satisfaction to their clients.

Security company Baghdad

Security company Baghdad has a wide coverage to give real-time situational awareness to support all the missions. Their SOPs includes mission planning, situational awareness, live intelligence and a strong communication system to provide endless security solutions to their clients. They work on 4 defined parameters or we can say that these are the key points on which they operate:

Prevent: They are ready and well prepared to protect their clients from any risk, threat or issue.

Respond: The speed of response is very fast it means they provide a quick and effective response to the problems of their clients.

Detect: They go to the root cause of the problem and obtain intelligence and information in order to provide situational awareness.

Protect: They aim to protect people, property, asset, and information from danger and threat.

They adapt very concise and focused procedures and process to deliver the best services to the customers. They constantly check or audit their work procedure in order to make sure that their procedure will show what they actually do to deal with the situation. The operation staff is trained very well so that it gives confidence to their clients and builds a strong relationship with clients.

They are well equipped with a fleet of B6 armored vehicles, with that they are ready to operate large-scale operation on a short notice. They also have a fleet management staff that focus to manage resources when required. Their workshop conducts routine maintenance and repairs to make their equipment ready all the time. The top priority of fleet management staff is to maintain and monitor the equipment husbandry to provide weapons and operational equipment on site without fail.

Al Murabit

Business and meeting facilities

A security company in Baghdad has offices where they conduct a meeting with their clients and plan to provide a solution to their problems. Their office is well designed and has everything that is required to conduct a meeting at an international level. These offices are facilitated with:

  • Big conference and meeting rooms
  • Translators and administration staff
  • Internet access with Wi-Fi connection
  • Private office with furniture and IT equipment to conduct international meetings

Secure accommodation

A security company has designed a highly secured accommodation for their staff and clients. The rooms are well versed with the following facilities:

  • Satellite TV and internet
  • 24x7 on-site security
  • Laundry and room cleaning services
  • Single or double rooms with attached bathroom

The restaurant serves international cuisine for residents and provides 3 meals in a day according to your preference. There is a private garden and BBQ area also where the residents enjoy their meals.