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How to renew a family visa?

Family visa is a crucial legal document that allows you to enter and stay in Dubai with your dependents. Besides getting it for the first time, you would also need to renew it after regular interval. It is a law there, and you have to follow it in order to stay peacefully. However, despite its importance, many people avoid accomplishing it on time. They find it difficult or they delay it just because of their laziness. Whatever excuse you make, it is not at all preferable to stay there with an inappropriate visa.

Family visa

In case you find the paperwork and visa formalities difficult, you can take some help too. Different consultants or agents are available that help in family visa renewal in Dubai. These service providers have skilled person that contain entire knowledge of the visa process. They also have direct links with the government department and other concerned authorities. You can easily get any information from them. They contain up-to-date information that can guide you in taking appropriate actions.

Before going out to renew the visa, it can be helpful to have prior knowledge of the family visa renewal process. In the below section, we are going to briefly define it.

The process of family visa renewal in Dubai

You can take your spouse, parents, and kids (under 18) on a family visa to Dubai. However, in order to sponsor them, it is necessary for you to earn more than Dh. 4000/month. The family visa typically has a validity period of two years. After that, they give you a time limit of thirty days that is known as a grace period. You are supposed to renew visa within this time period. However, you can renew before the start of the grace period as well.

Family visa renewal in DubaiThe first step for the visa renewal process is to take your family for a medical checkup. The next step is to organize their medical insurance. The documents required for this procedure is almost the same as the first-time visa process. You need to provide the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Photos
  • Original passport of a family member
  • Your original passport
  • Original entry permit
  • Sponsor’s job contract/salary slip
  • Health card (you should get the medical checkup done again for the visa renewal process)

After preparing all the documents, you should visit the typing center present at immigrant Department. You will get a filling-form there. After filling the form submit all documents in the residency department. You would also need to pay a fee and its deposit receipt should be presented as well.

The family visa renewal process will be completed in a time period of one or two weeks. In case, any of your family members go out of Dubai for more than six months, their visa will become invalid. Later on, in order to come back to Dubai, you will need to perform the whole procedure again.

Either you have to renew your own visa or any of your family members; you should do it within grace time. The Ministry of Interior’s fines’ put penalties/fines in case you delay it.