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How to Paint Your Wall Like a Professional

Is the color of your wall paint fading? If yes, why don't you give it a go before you start searching for painting services in Dubai? For those of you who find it challenging, let us tell you that it's not as difficult as it seems. So, yes, you can have your walls painted in precisely the same color as you envisioned, merely by learning how to paint on your own.

There is no denying that a fresh coat of paint changes the way your room looks. You can create an ambiance that you have probably only dreamt of having. Below we've detailed a step by step guide that will get you to paint your wall in a day. However, first, you have to ensure you have all your tools ready. The tools include a paintbrush, rollers, a roller tray, and sandpaper. Don't forget to get a pair of goggles for safety purposes.

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Examine the Surface of Your Wall

Getting the right professional finish that is smooth start with preparations. The first thing is to examine the walls for bumps or holes as well as flaking paint. If you come across any gaps in the surface, you can use the filler to repair the same, and when the wall has dried out, you can sand it down before proceeding to seal with sealant. For any wall characterized by lots of flaking or bumps, the scraper is the tool to make the surface evenly balanced before sanding the wall and sealing the cracks. When sanding, ensure you apply gentle pressure in the process so that the layer created is suitable enough for the paint to stick.

Clean Your Wall

To clean, you'll need sugar soap that is diluted in a bucket of water as per the product instruction, keeping in mind the exact water measurements. Get a sponge that you'll soak in the mixture and use the same to clean the wall. When done, use clean water to clean the walls further. Sugar soap is known to be an irritant; therefore, you can prevent it by using gloves to cover your hand and goggles to protect your eyes. Use masking tape to cover surfaces that need no paints, such as sockets and skirting boards. Also, it can help when painting adjacent surfaces with different colors. It will be a barrier guide for a clean finish.

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Start Painting

Stir your paint color of choice before starting to paint the wall. Do check the type of paint you are using, as each paint type uses a different technique. We recommend starting with a primer color, especially if you plan on painting over a surface of a darker shade. You could use light grey or cream as a primer. Apply the paint gently. For the edges, ensure a smaller brush is available.

Wait for the Paint to dry

We recommend waiting at least 2-3 hours for the paint to dry up completely. You could do a small test by checking if the paint has dried off. Once it has dried up, you may carefully proceed to remove the masking tape. Finish off by cleaning every tool used during the painting process. It is essential to clean them immediately, as it will be difficult to clean up once the paint has dried.