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Five Easy Hacks to Get a Cheap Deal on Your Rental Car

Going on holiday is expensive and transport is one of the biggest costs that tourists have to deal with. Meter taxis and public transport bills can quickly add up so if you are going to be staying in Dubai for a while you should consider cheap cars Dubai rent. You can save money by comparing different offers from various rental agencies. You can save even more money with these 5 simple hacks.

Loyalty Pays

Joining a loyalty program can save you a lot of money. many companies will reward you for using only their service or the same brand of a car every time that you visit. Unlock special deals and free upgrades while saving money. The vehicle can be personalized to your individual specifications and you could develop a newfound relationship with the agency. if you have been renting from the same agency for at least 6 months then you may qualify.

Cheap Cars Dubai Rent

Don’t Rent a Car Directly from the Airport

The quickest way to save your cash is by forgoing renting your vehicle directly from the airport. You will pay a lot more for your vehicle if you do. Instead, book online and ask the agency to bring you the car directly to the airport. Cheap car rental Dubai will help you find the perfect option to suit your needs.

Choose a Less Popular Brand

The most popular brands of vehicles are bound to cost a lot more money by compromising on the brand you can save a lot of money. rent a less popular brand that has the same features at a much lower price tag. As long as the car that you choose has a great navigation system you can’t go wrong. Consider different packages on offer such as offers that include a mileage limit package. These packages can save you a lot of money if you are only planning on driving short distances in Dubai.

Opt-Out of the Things That You Don’t Need

All vehicles come with a host of additional features that you can add but although it might improve your level of comfort, they won’t do your wallet any favors. Cut down on unnecessary extras to save a lot of cash the easy way. Choose a smaller vehicle if you are traveling alone and find out if there are any deals on insurance. Some agencies have rental specials on certain model cars at certain times so always enquire if there is a special running.

Rent the Vehicle

Rent the Vehicle for the Correct Length of Time

If you know exactly how long you will be staying in Dubai then you can save money. if you hire a car for a longer period of time then you can opt for a long-term lease, this will help you save big. If you are only going to stay in Dubai for a short time you will need to find Cheap cars in Dubai to rent either by day or by week. The longer your rental contract the more money you will save.