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Dubai Visas are of Different Types and Require Mandatory Documents

Home to Burj Khalifa, Dubai gives many strong reasons to us to make a visit at least for one time in our life. However, similar to any other overseas tour, it is essential for you to get the mandatory Dubai tourist visa and make payment of compulsory Dubai tourist visa fees to get live views of incredible assets in Dubai. Therefore, with the help of this blog post, experts have mentioned different types of Visas available for making a tour to Dubai.

Types of Visa to Choose

Service Visa

Tourist visaService visa is the most basic type of Visa, which you require to make your journey to Dubai. Its validity is of 14days from the issuing date, while duration is of 14days from the entry date.

Visit Visa

Duration in case of Visit Visa is either 30days or 90days from the date you enter depending primarily on the type of visa you have, while its validity is of 60days starting from its issuing date. However, Visit Visa has to fulfill prerequisite sponsorship from any UAE hotel, company or resident.

Tourist Visa

Depending primarily on the type of visa, there is long-term duration for total 60days or short-term one for 30days from your entrance date, depending primarily on its type. In addition, the validity is 60days from the issuing date, while there is a requisite i.e. getting hotel sponsorship or from any tour operator as well as prearrangement.

Mandatory Documents to Get Visit Visa or Tourist Visa

Visit visaIf you want to get visit visa or tourist visa to travel to Dubai, you should definitely possess the following important documents, along with mandatory Dubai tourist visa fees.

  • Completed visa application form to apply for the respective visa.
  • Copy of the passport possessed by your sponsor and passport of any of your family member.
  • Photo of the respective family member.
  • In case you sponsor your spouse, you should make sure providing marriage contract duly attested by UAE Embassy or Foreign Affairs Ministry.
  • On the other side, if you sponsor your own child or any other child, you should provide his/her attested birth certificate.
  • Proof of direct relationship from the Dubai Embassy in case it remains unavailable in your passport.

Visa Requirements as Per Nationality

In case of American Citizens

  • Six months valid passport from your expected date/time of your arrival in Dubai
  • Confirmation on your airline ticket of round trip type

In case of GCC i.e. Gulf Cooperation Council Citizens

Individuals do not require any visa to make their visit to Dubai or any other UAE-based country.

Non-GCC citizens but various high-level officers like managers, doctors, public sector employees and engineers, along with their family members may get non-renewable type of visa for 30days period at each UAE-based airport on their arrival.

Tourists belonging to other nationalities are compulsory to apply for visa before they enter Dubai. For this, they may approach a good travel agency, a hotel agency, a local UAE sponsor or a UAE embassy.