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Best Start-up Business Options in Dubai

Are you searching to start company in Dubai with low investment and looking for some profitable ideas, for example, forex trading signals? We've narrowed down to make a set of top 9 best investment opportunities and you can decide which fits you the best.

Top Start-up Business Options In Dubai

Schools or Universities

Dubai is a diverse city with residents from various countries, races and religions around the world. This city offers numerous opportunities to start a school of your choice of curriculum. Expats usually bring along their families along in order to start a new life and settle down. This presents an excellent business idea to get started on a specialty institution for expat's children. The idea of investing in a university also provides many opportunities as this city has a growing educational base.


Dubai serves as a haven for buyers due to the high rise in fashion in the region. The clothing industry flourishes in Dubai because of the high demand and population, hence setting up business in Dubai is an ideal and profitable choice.


Media and marketing has risen in demand in this luxurious city. If you are a pro advertiser, this city is the best to use your capabilities. You could start your marketing service from your home, especially if it is related to online marketing. As your business develops, you can make your own advertising firm.

Beauty Salon

People are incredibly mindful of their beauty especially in Dubai. Every day there are extensive new events and luxurious sites to visit. The competition of beauty is also quite high, hence a establishing beauty salon is a rewarding choice of business.

Travel Agency

Dubai is considered to be the most favorable places to visit worldwide. The setting up of a travel firm is one the most profitable business ideas as tourists come in millions yearly in the city. You should ensure that the packages and services offered should be appealing and exciting for the incoming visitors.


Cleaning Service

This type of business is a good notion of a startup company. This type of venture doesn't call for large capital. The main action is to hire trained cleaning specialists that have expertise in providing quality cleaning service on them and good communication skills. This is profitable business option to consider.

Online Delivery Service

Dubai is a place that harbors huge amounts expats who come to live and work in the region. They are mainly away from their loved ones and families. Hence, setting up an online delivery or courier service would be highly beneficial. Apps like ‘fetchr’ has benefited from this sector and so can anybody. All it takes is an appealing business model and a good team to back you up. Delivery services are gathering popularity in Dubai, but provided you perform proper digital marketing.