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A Handy Guide for Renting A Car in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a perfect destination for the one who wishes to enjoy the rides through the streets with the palm trees on both sides. It is a place of never-ending events and a perfect night life and the beautiful beaches around the country. Travelling is fun when you are driving it in the streets of Dubai with a bit of experience of driving in these streets. But before that you need to understand some of the factors while hiring a rental car and the requirements that are needed to hire it. 

Driving License

You should contain a driving license when you are thinking to hire a car to enjoy riding in the streets of the country. If the driving license is an older one, then it signifies that you are an experienced one, and it becomes easy for you to get a car but if you are a new person then it requires more time to get the car.

Rent a Car in Dubai Rates


The age requirements for an individual to hold a driving license is 18 years. However, car rental agencies in Dubai require individuals to be of 21 years of age. You should also be carrying a license with over 6 months validity.

Deposit for Security Purpose

The rent a car in Dubai rates vary for every vehicle. You also need to give a security deposit when hiring a car. This will be used in case of any accident or damage. The remaining amount will be returned to you once you deliver the car to them. 

Rent a Car in UAE Rates


If you come across any fines and charges that the company has not paid on time, then you need to submit the receipt to the company and ask them to repay the amount to you which you have paid. It is the responsibility of the car renters to pay the fine and not you.

Required Documents

You should have a passport, a driving license, and a copy of the visa and also an international driving license which will allow you to hire a car to travel in the country.

So, as now you have known the things that are required to book a car, so it is a perfect time to book a car of your preference. You just need to log on to website to know more about the facilities that are provided by the car rentals.