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Why Dubai is Still the Best Destination for Desert Tours

The term “desert” is synonymous with the Arab World and Dubai in particular. Desert tours are a popular activity among visitors to the Emirate. The fame that Dubai enjoys in this respect cannot be matched by any other city in the globe. Almost every global event is held in Dubai at one point in time or another. Arguably the most prominent reason as to why Dubai is preferred for desert tours is its standing as a tourism giant. Let us have a look at some more factors behind the popularity of the destination and the activity itself.

Favorable Weather

Favorable Weather

The weather pattern within the country remains more or less identical throughout the year. Whether it is autumn or winter, the temperature constantly hovers between 20°C to 40°C with rains limited to just 3-4 days in a calendar year. In other continents, weather is often unpredictable and may end up spoiling the event for you.

It’s Not Arid

Just a few miles away from the city of Dubai lies Jebel Jails, the highest point in the country. Vacationers usually opt for a trip to the top of the mountain to catch a bird’s eye view of the Emirate and witness all the activities in the desert. The added audience also compels those riding the dune buggies to kick it into high gear and put on a show. Before booking a buggy rental Dubai make sure that the operator provides enough leeway during riding.

One for All

Opting to go on an activity such as a buggy safari also provides you with an opportunity to get explore the desert in style. By paying for a desert tour, you are getting a two-for-one deal. Enjoy the desert sunset and sunrise and marvel at a mostly untouched natural wonder.

Beaches and Nightlife

Beaches & Nightlife

In addition to desert tours, sun-bathing, swimming, and other water sport activities bring in a lot of visitors to the Emirate. The vibrant nightlife with plenty of pubs and Michelin starred restaurants also brings in its fair share of tourists. Tourists that come in to take part in these activities also engage in desert tours to complete the overall experience.