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Dubai PRO Service Can Visit All the Government Departments for Your

The high in demand Dubai PRO service is generally considered as the facility for the clearance of legal documents without spending hours and days standing in the queues of government departments. There are several companies offering this service to the foreign investors, SMEs and entrepreneurs of the UAE. Genius Business Services is a renowned company serving the future businessman with effective PRO service.

Reason to Select Any Company Offering PRO

You have to make sure that whichever agency you are selecting for document clearance should be approved by Dubai Economic Department (DED), Ministry of Labor, Dubai Land Department, and DNRD. The company should be moderately backed by experts of the market and trained team of professionals who are local Emirati so that they can easily deal with UAE government department for various procedures on behalf of your company.

Benefits of Outsourcing PRO

If you consider hiring professionals, you will save lots of time, money and stress and can easily concentrate on your basic profit-generating operations.

The Service of PRO Encompasses


Service PRORenewal of visa documents, processing of crucial form and cancellation

Business Set Ups

Dealing with ministries and departments of immigration for the registration of companies

Legal Cards

Renewal of immigration and company labor cards and dealing with amendments


If you have changed your address the amendment is required and if it is expired, renewal of trade licenses can be done by PRO officers in Dubai

Extension of Visa

As a foreigner, you must be unaware of the requirements. Get professional help for application submitting, deposits made and bank guarantee refunds upon extension of your visiting visa

Departments Involved According to the Specific Document

Do you want to know which government department deals with your specific legal form and other docs? Check out the list below

Department of Economic Development

OutsourcingConcerning with this department, PRO officer will deal with the issues of reserving a trade name for your company, obtaining all sort of initial approvals, applying and canceling of commercial licenses.

Ministry of Economy

By visiting this department, you will get initial approval and branch office registration for your foreign country.

Ministry of Labour

By saving your visits to this department, PRO will help you in the registration of your firm, getting wok permit and its cancellation.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

You don’t have to go in and out of the doors of this department for the verification of your authentic foreign documents, as a PRO officer can do this for you.

Official Translator

You don’t have to find a perfect translator who can do Arabic translation of your documents. A minor error can make you face a lawsuit. Let professionals do this for you.